Cove Fort, Utah

I finally had an opportunity to visit Cove Fort which was really really exciting. I made a preliminary video which will be improved after I get home and can organize my pictures. I will upload the pics at a later date and get things to look pretty. But my explanation of why this place is so important is outlined in the following video. Enjoy.


Mr. Drew said...


I am highly impressed that you went to Cove Fort because it was on the I-70 mileage sign in Baltimore. This is how road trips ought to be.

But your very informative report is lacking one important thing - what does the I-70 mileage sign at Cove Fort say?


Cham said...

Trust me, I was looking for that complimentary sign! But the only sign I saw was for Denver which was, I think, 337 miles from Cove Fort. There was no mention of Baltimore and the 2200 miles. I felt short-change. I might have to contact the Department of Transportation about this.

The LDS elders come directly into the parking lot to greet visitors, they don't wait for people to get to the Visitor's Center, which is very nice and welcoming. When Elder Calkin saw my Maryland tags he said, "I know why you are here, I know about the sign." There has been more than one Marylander come to Cove Fort for the same reason. They have a picture of the sign at the Visitor's Center. I am going to take my own picture of the sign when I get home after I beef up this video and post. I forgot my microphone so I can't do it while on the road.

Other than Marylanders the majority of the people that visit the Fort are LDS.

some guy in tucson said...

That's too funny. That's how Europe does signs--it's not the sign to the next town, the signs all tell you what town is at the end of the highway....which might be several hundred miles away. You can't get anywhere with a local map since you can only see the next few towns with it.

Once you get used to it, it's not bad. But if I was looking for cross-town directions in Baltimore, I would not think to say "Head towards Cove Fort, Utah....."

lisazilla said...

I know the sign. I also feel gipped that there is no sign at that end noting the mileage to Baltimore. What a rip off! Maybe we'll replace their city on our sign with someplace more worthy of our attention. These MDOT sign makers sure do have a sense of humor.