Hermitage, TN

Well, I had my first adventure. The above post should really read Nashville, TN but instead I got to see Hermitage which is right outside Nashville. All hell broke loose right after I hit "publish" on the previous post. I decided to hook up my GPS on the computer and I could not, for the life of me, get it to work. So I played with it for a bit and then realized I wasn't getting a charge on my computer. I thought I had fried my inverter so I purchased a new one at a Target. It didn't work either, then I realized I wasn't getting power out of either cigarette lighter in the car. No power meant no computer, no phone, no batteries, no camera, no nothing. This was panic-making stuff because I had promised my mother my phone would stay on regardless. So I needed a mechanic and I needed one fast and it was late. I decided to head toward suburbia and see what I could do. I stopped in to about 5 places, then checked all the fuses under my dash and didn't find anything. A Firestone location agreed to look at it first thing in the morning if I could get the car to them at 7AM.

I had no idea how long it would take to get things fixed, nor how much money. I got the the Firestone place precisely at 7AM and begged them to fix it right away if they could, the guy made no promises. Then I walked across the street to this gym to work out and take a shower. I met a number of people there and had a great time talking to them all. Here is a picture of Joe, who gave me some great tips on ab exercises.
Then I talked to Jimmy (no pic) in the jacuzzi, then I spent time with Tina in the locker room. I must say, I spent more time getting to know people at this place in one hour than I have the entire year over at the Merritt. I hope you guys all enjoy the blog.

The problem with the cigarette lighters turned out to be a fuse in an odd place under the hood, Firestone showed me where it was and replaced the fuse and gave me a spare, so big kudos to them. The fix took an hour. I'm right outside of Little Rock right now and will be heading southwest on US20.


kftondrick said...

I would like to know how many shampoo bottles came up missing from that health club in Nashville?

Cham said...

Fortunately for me, that club didn't have shampoo bottles. I am pleased to announce I have started to use up my considerable collection of shampoo bottles garnered from 20 years of business travel. I have a lot of tiny shampoo bottles.