Arcata, California

The light on that picture isn't good because it is 6:30PM and the sun is setting BEHIND me so obviously I am in the Pacific Ocean.

California is so cool. There are all sorts of people here, people on bikes going really really fast, people styling and profiling in their own little way. The food is amazing and all the restaurants offer tofu side dishes. There are thousands of places you can get a massage, a real massage not necessarily the kind you find in Baltimore with the happy ending thing. For every massage place there is also a place that sells espresso, drive-thru espresso.

Today Arcata is having their Kinetic Sculpture race. I realized there was a massive quandry. There is no way to tell who is in costume and who is wearing what they normally wear in the morning. In California you can't tell the difference between the billionaires and meth addicts, and there are a lot of both. So I decided to create a little picture game. You tell me which one of these pictures actually have someone in a well-crafted approved Kinetic costume (only one picture) and which pictures of people who actually choose to wear these clothes as their day-to-day attire.


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puerileuwaite said...

You made it to the Pacific! Congrats! Nice picture.

(And no, they don't have "Ocean Rangers" there, so don't bother looking.)