Bunsen Peak Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There aren't many good climbing mountains at Yellowstone. Since the southern trails are all closed because of the bears I had to find something up north to amuse me. I choose Bunsen Peak because I figured it would be climbable even with snow on the top. It rises about 1400 feet from the parking area and is a relatively easy climb. Once you get near the top you lose the trail in the snow so you get to make your own trail which is fun. At the top are a bunch of very ugly radio transmitter things that look like a boyscout ham radio project gone awry. I bet most of it doesn't work.

Also at the top is a tiny little creature that does the best yogi routine around. He's almost as good as the mouse on the peak of Halfmoon lookout. He weaseled a whole bunch of crackers from me. Since the big fire of 88, many of the pine tree trunks are still down but several Charlie Brown Christmas trees are replacing them. In a few years this place will like it once did and will be set for another fire. There weren't many people on the trail, again, Yellowstone is not necessarily a park for hikers.

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