Dinosaur National Monument, Utah/Colorado

25 years ago when I took my first cross country trip I told a professor at my university my plans. He suggested I visit the Dinosaur National Monument, but we couldn't fit it into our schedule. Better late than never.

First I had to take a shower because I stank, but nobody was home at the trailer park in Dinosaur. So I took a shower anyway and put $3 in the mailbox, I have no idea whether they sold showers or not. I got to the eastern section(Colorado) of Dinosaur first and did the driving tour. I really enjoyed it, the little booklet talked about geology, history and the park. It was worth the read. I was the only person there, I took a nap at the overlook and ended up sleeping for 3 hours because there was no one to wake me up.

Then I went for coffee at the Bedrock Depot and met Bill (see pic). Bill is a photographer and he gave me a beautiful card of one of his photographs. Here is his site. We talked about how all the parks were managed differently, some were clean, some dirty, some get funding, some don't. Then I hit the western section of the park(Utah) and learned some more stuff, saw some Petroglyphs and, thankfully, got the lavender shoes dirty.

I am now in Vernal, Utah heading north into Wyoming. Tetons here I come.

Here is the slideshow:

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