Redwoods National and State Park, California

Back in 1978, Jimmy Carter and friends started mulling over adding several acres of redwood forest to the Redwood National Park. The local loggers got so incensed at this idea that they set up night lights and started logging 24 hours per day in order to harvest as many big redwoods and put as much money in their pocket before Congress got the issue straightened out. Since government doesn't move very fast only 3% of old-growth redwoods are still in existance today, the loggers came within a couple of weeks of taking every redwood that was not already in the park at that time. Loggers are truly the dumbest fucks on the planet.

Near the park is a town called Orick, this town should have about 30 hotels, 50 cappuccino emporiums and 20 massage places. But Orick is still in the logging mindset and is about as forlorn as a town can get. They are still bitter about not capturing that last 3% of the trees. I wanted to see some big trees that weren't on the scenic highway so I got myself a road permit for the Tall Trees Trail. This enabled me to view the Tall Trees Grove which is on about a couple of miles of trail. I met 2 guys who were originally from China, Shilang and Chuck, but now live in California and Canada. They both worked for Intel so we got to discuss my favorite subject, the Intel chipset problem with Delorme software.



Mr. Drew said...

It is so true, there is nothing as miserable as a lumberjack town. I rode my bike through Orick about 10 years ago.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...

Odd thing about the "bitterness" of Orick you mentioned. Even if they did get the last 3 percent of old growth, the operations would have reached quite a halt anyway.

As for Tall Trees Grove - great place. I'll be through there the end of June - so I expect.

M. D. Vaden of Oregon