Colorado River, Colorado National Monument

Here I was going off the Germans and I ended up having dinner with one of the nicest Austrians on the planet on Tuesday. I met Dieter (no pic) back in Torrey, UT and he showed up a day later in Moab. We had pizza and discussed politics, computers and the money matters. So I put a disclaimer on this blog, I don't catagorize Austrians with Germans.

Tuesday night it rained slightly then the wind picked up. The dirt stuck to the rain droplets on the minivan making it look like it has smallpox. I headed east on Utah Route 128 along the Colorado River, and that route was spectacular. I took a bunch of pics so please enjoy. Then I arrived at the Colorado National Monument where there were nice steep hiking trails. I believe I was on the Monument Canyon Trail, I will confirm that later. It descends about 1500 feet in the first half mile which is nice but I think the trail is a tad overmaintained. It could be more difficult.

Once I arrived at the valley floor I met Tom and Amy who lived nearby but had moved out from Virginia a few years ago. We had a nice discussion about the evils of corporate American and Elk hunting. I now know a lot more about hunting elk than I did before. Thanks guys!

There were many pretty flowers and I got involved in taking pictures of them. I also saw another neat lizard type thing (perhaps I should improve my species knowledge). I also noticed my shoes match the pretty flowers. Once I got done at the Colorado Monument I drove into Grand Junction to resupply at the Wal-Mart. You might want to skip Grand Junction if you go to this area, it looks like there is a serious meth problem there, the meth heads have taken over the city park. Very creepy.


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Anonymous said...

I believe that lizard thing is a side-blotched or a northern earless lizard. Both are harmless, (unless you're a bug)